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External Partners & Vendors

Sports Forest operates as a Marketplace, utilizing numerous external vendors and partners in an effort to carry more inventory and ship orders as quickly as possible.  We use our external vendors and partners to purchase and "drop ship" merchandise to you directly. This eliminates the time it takes to ship product to our warehouse directly from the manufacturers, before shipping it to you. 

All orders that are shipped from one of our partners, generally ship within 1-3 business days. You will be provided a tracking number as soon as the gear ships. All Baseball Forest partners are authorized dealers.

In the event your item is purchased and drop-shipped from one of our vendors, we will provide you with the original receipt of purchase (From Amazon for example) upon request for any warranty claim you might have with the manufacturer.

If you would like more information about our partners or would like to be one of our partners in the future, please email us at