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Blast Softball Swing Trainer

by Blast
● SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR SOFTBALL – The only sensor tech created specifically for softball players.
● OFFICIAL BAT SENSOR TECH OF NATIONAL PRO FASTPITCH, NPF - Use the industry’s most accurate swing analyzer to build a more dynamic, well-connected and powerful swing.
● BLAST ATHLETES – Every NPF Team, including Champion Lauren Chamberlain and the USSSA Pride use Blast Softball to build quality swings throughout their organizations.
● ATTACH & SWING – Attach the Blast Sensor to any softball bat and start capturing swings anytime, anywhere. No set up or calibration necessary.
● INSIGHTS & DRILLS – Blast automatically analyzes every swing and provides insights and drills for further improvement
● SMART VIDEO CAPTURE – Record and automatically clip video of each swing, with metrics overlaid. Leverage the in-app Training Center for tips and drills from expert coaches and NPF players.