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2020 EASTON ADV 360 -8 USA Youth Baseball Bat

by Easton
Style Name
● Ultra-Lite Launch Comp - Launch Composite and Ultra-Lite carbon fiber combined with 360 Engineering for 360 degrees of barrel-tuned precision, optimizes the barrel profile and pushes the limits of performance
● 2-Piece iSo CXN construction - New lighter iSo ConneXion made with proprietary Nitrocell foam isolates the handle from the barrel for a solid feel and more power through the zone
● Power Boost - Patent-pending "Soft Knob" technology provides hitters more leverage and power potential, while reducing vibration and improving comfort for the bottom hand
● DFS Carbon Handle - The new Dynamic Feel System carbon handle is built from 90% carbon fiber creating an extra stiff handle, designed to provide best in class feel
● Speed Cap provides a more flexible and responsive barrel with a natural sound on impact